The Presidents
The Presidents will have its own governance system and governance token, in order to better connect the plans of the project with the needs of the community.

Governance System

Users can use their governance tokens to participate in the governance system that will allow users to vote on the decisions of the project, such as new partnerships, new features, changes, and more. This will allow for better communication between the President's project and its community.
The governance system will launch once 100% of the collection is minted.

Governance Token

Users will receive the Presidents exclusive governance token from playing games on the platform. Because of the GameFi and Play-To-Earn concept, users are rewarded not only for winning, but for participating in games.
Once the games come out, more information will be revealed on how exactly users will be rewarded with the governance token. The governance token can also be used to upgrade President NFTs and is a valuable in-game currency for players. The governance token will first be used and rewarded in the "War of Morale" game.
The governance token will also be available for purchasing on popular decentralized exchanges, which will be revealed at stage 4, when 80% of the collection is minted.