This is the most updated roadmap of The Presidents

Stage 1

20% of the collection minted

The launch of our marketplace on popular BSC marketplaces, including NFTrade, TofuNFT, and more! Additionally, an airdrop of 500 Presidents! Users that mint 2 Presidents, get 1 President for free!

Stage 2

40% off the collection minted

Airdrop of 500 exclusive new Presidents to users who have gathered “allies”, meaning a minimum of 5 Presidents from any President type (World, USA Legends, Soviet…).

Stage 3

60% of the collection minted

The launch of the cross-chain, which is a smart-contract enabling the exchange of President NFTs to the ERC721 token for the selling on other marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Stage 4

80% of the collection minted

The launch of the platform’s unique governance and GameFi token and the option to stake President NFTs and receive the governance token in return. 10% of the funds will go into the expanding and growing of our NFT collection and impact in the NFT ecosystem.

Stage 5

100% of the collection minted

The launch of the GameFi “War of Morale” game, which will allow users to exploit the potential and uniqueness of each President NFT. Each President’s trait will have a different impact in the game and allow to obtain more governance tokens for winning, playing, and participating.